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Castaway: A TDI Fanfic Ch. 1, Pt. 2
Total Drama Castaway
Chapter 1, Part 2 - All Good Things...
Aaron arrived back at the wreckage where he was found just minutes before, looking to see scattered luggage, papers and shards of metal scattered across the jungle floor. Approaching the hole where he had been pulled out, he knelled down to avoid hitting his head, before stepping slowly along what used to be the floor of the plane. The boy cringed a bit when seeing a body over near the edge of the dug-in fuselage. Slowly making his way over, he leaned over to see if he could find anything to identify it.
What he found was the unmoving, paled corpse of an anonymous man; he looked like he was in his mid 30's or so, well-dressed, and had a pretty clean haircut. Upon further inspection, Aaron noticed something bulging behind the lapel of the man's jacket, something so large and distinctive in shape that it stood out. Reaching his hand down, Aaron gingerly pulled back the lapel...he stopped suddenly, surprised, when he saw a pistol
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Castaway: A Total Drama Fanfic
Total Drama Castaway
Chapter 1, Part 1 - All Good Things...
The last thing he could remember was holding onto the hand of the passenger next to him, praying to god that things would work out alright. After that, he heard the sounds of hell itself ripping from the sides of his seat. Darkness soon followed after and then...everything went black. For the young 16 year old teenager, this was supposed to be the ending of a vacation was the beginning of a hell-ish nightmare. "...fuck" he would groan out to himself, as Aaron rubbed his forehead, his eyes beginning to adjust to the light as he could hear the sparks of wires all around him. It wasn't until the sunlight gleaming down from the open air showed where he was - in a broken hollowed out section of what used to be the fuselage.
Everything around the broken compartment was charred or damaged beyond repair - the walls of the fuselage crumpled up and windows gone and shattered. As Aaron slowly stood up he grabbed on
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Mature content
Neon Kid - Sneak Peek :iconyeah-10101:yeah-10101 0 5
TDH - Chapter 2, Part 2
"Campers!" yelled out Chris's smiling voice. Their host was relaxing in a pool chair, sipping on a fruity drink in a coconut while Chef was smashing his fingers away on Kelsey's Game Boy he managed to steal. "Yeah! Take that ya' stupid Koopa!"
Chris smiled as he pushed down on the intercom button to speak. "Hope you guys have been working diligently and hard. I'm sure you all could use a little break, but judging by those dark clouds moving in…" he chuckled, the campers looking up in the sky. The supposed storm clouds they though Chris and Paul were lying about - weren't something Chris made up. They were heading straight for the island. "You've only got two hours left. So I hope you haven't been spending it goofing off. Unless you'd rather try to pitch a tent in a storm and sleep out in the rain…"
Again and in an instant, the two teams quickly got back onto their feet. Gwen grabbed a few boards and handed off the blueprints to Courtney. "Okay! If we hurry really really
:iconyeah-10101:yeah-10101 1 2
TDH - Chapter 2, Part 1
Paul: Warning! Total Drama Hawaii features stunts and challenges either performed by professionals, or under the supervision of professionals, to ensure the safety of campers and animals alike. Accordingly, MTV and the Producers of T.D.H. Must Insist that no one attempt to re-create, or reenact, any of these stunts or challenges.
Previously on Total Drama Hawaii...
Paul: It was the first day as many campers both new and old arrived for yet another season and another chance to win some cash. There was laughter, romance…actually, a little bit too much romance. But if these campers were expecting a walk in the park challenge right off the back, they were in for quite the surprise.
"So what do you think our first challenge will be?" Lindsay asked her team, both of them walking to their cabins. DJ shrugged and smiled. "C'mon, it's our first challenge! How hard could it be?" It was then as they reached what was supposed to be the lots for their cabins were nothing but empty sp
:iconyeah-10101:yeah-10101 1 0
Total Drama Hawaii - Chapter 1
Chris: Warning! Total Drama Hawaii features stunts and challenges either performed by professionals, or under the supervision of professionals, to ensure the safety of campers and animals alike. Accordingly, MTV and the Producers of T.D.H. Must Insist that no one attempt to re-create, or reenact, any of these stunts or challenges. Seriously dude. You could get really messed up.
Chapter 1 - Same Old Game and Host
The beautiful sunny shores of the Hawaii. Tranquil, peaceful and pleasant. And about to get one hell of a wakeup call as the loud roaring of a helicopter flew straight over Honolulu Harbor heading for the giant island looming in the distance: Palaumu. Inside the helicopter was a very familiar face, donning his signature green Hawaiian style shirt and khaki pants while he adjusted his headset and gave the cameras a wink as they began to roll…
"Aloha and Mahalo! We're coming to you live over the shores of the island of Palaumu, here in the Hawaiian Islands! I'm
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Patrick O'Brien
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Welcome to my deviant page!

Welcome one and all to my profile. You may call me IrishBAMF (my Minecraft and usual gaming username), or call me Patrick or Pat for short if you wish. What I am well, is quite a lot of things. A video gamer, a writer, a fan of cartoons and anime, an avid reader of comic books and manga, an enthusiast of all kinds of music and songs; you get the idea.

Current Project: 'Anima' - This is a story I've been working on for I'd say about 7-8 years, though notes and ideas for it date all the back during middle school. Over time the characters, setting, and story itself have gone over vast changes but the basic plot has remained the same.
Collaboration Requests for Anima: 4 (2 email, 2 deviantArt users)
Current Progress on Anima: N/A (Notes and Rough Draft ideas right now, not enough to post)

Current Residence: My friend's house
Current Job: Searching for a new one
Yeah I don't post much here anymore, too focused with Facebook now or stuff with my new job.

Lots has happened, can't share here or if people wanna know they can message me. I'm still alive, just only here when I can be.

Also my birthday was yesterday so, yay me :P

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